In our last blog we caught up with Tori to see how she was using Banqer. We used this as a call to action for all teachers out there to share with us on the community how they’re using Banqer. We’re always blown away with the creative ways in which Banqer is being used and the Banqer community is a great place to share ideas and get some inspiration. As a bonus, anyone who posts before 7 July will go in the draw to win one of our famous Banqer Auction Packs!

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to all those teachers who’ve been sharing with us what they’ve been up to with Banqer. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts and we’ve been learning lots.

One of the great things about Banqer is it’s flexibility and adaptability. While the use of money is a universal experience, the context of how it is utilised in each classrooms is completely up to the teacher. This therefore allows it to fit in with how your classroom is run.

First and foremost Banqer enables the concepts of financial literacy to be learnt through students having their own money and being responsible for managing it. Banqer can then be aligned to other areas or units of work. It can also be aligned with rules/reward systems. It can then also be used in all sorts of other weird and wacky ways.

Glen shared with us that he uses Banqer simply as a motivation and rewards system which is aimed at keeping students’ attention especially heading towards the end of term 2 in winter.

Bronwyn shared that she’s using Banqer to align with a school wide kindness unit. The class is saving towards $2000 Banqer dollars which is being matched at 10% by real money which will be used to buy items from the TEAR Fund Gift for Life catalogue.

Natasha gave us some insight on just how savvy some of her students are getting by buying other desks in the classroom and then collecting rent for themselves.

So why not check out how others are using Banqer to find some ideas. Also, don’t forget that if you post in the community before the 7th of July, you’ll go in the draw to win one of our famous Banqer Auction Packs!

Happy Banqing!

Insights from our Banqer teachers as collated by Tim (budding journo and Banqer team member)