Life is pretty risky. There are flood, fires, and earthquakes. Things break, or get stolen. We crash, we crush, we drop, and destroy. We break bones and iPhones (I’m not sure which hurts the most), and worst of all, we can lose our largest assets in the blink of an eye.

Nobody understands risk, and the transfer of risk, quite like The Insurance Council of New Zealand (The ICNZ). So when they reached out to us to see how we could take their knowledge and enhance Banqer with it we were pretty excited.

And after several months of planning, building, and sometimes rebuilding, we were really proud to launch the Insurance Module. And what better day to launch the Insurance Module than during Money Week, on Insurance Day?

We had a blast with the 40 students from Kedgley Intermediate, Ferguson Intermediate, St John Otara, and Robertson Road School, that helped us bring the Insurance Module to life for the first time.

We had quizzes, games and best of all, the students got first hand experience making important risk based decisions. Teams within Banqer were asked to insure, or not to insure the properties they owned in Banqer. Insuring came at a cost, but so (potentially) did remaining uninsured. After making their decisions sudden disaster struck, when a large flood hit the Banqer class! Those affected needed to pay repairs. Those insured teams got payouts from their insurers, those who preferred to roll the dice weren’t so lucky and either went bust or had to fork out the cash themselves.

It was safe to say the day was a huge success.

The learning for these students doesn’t have to end their either as Banqer will be going home with all the schools who attended. Thanks to the generous support of several of The ICNZ’s members (FMG, AIG, Vero, QBE, IAG, Tower and AAI) each school walked about with a one year Banqer subscription for their students to the tune of $1,000! From what we saw on Insurance Day, we’re confident they will continue to have a lot of fun with Banqer.

The Insurance Module is now available for all Banqer teachers out there to introduce to their class. We hope you and your students enjoy it as much as we did on Tuesday.

A massive thank you has to go out to The ICNZ for the awesome collaboration. Without your help, all Banqer property would remain uninsured and at risk!