Banqer Time Frames
15th September, 2020

We’re introducing some exciting changes to Banqer High! Next time you set up a classroom, you will be able to select one of three time frames for your class (10, 20 or 40 weeks). There are also changes in store for the BHX, careers and the home-ownership expansion...

Recent Bug Fixes
11th September, 2020

We've been chasing down some bugs recently! Here's a taster:

  • We're working on some issues with doubled-up Budgeting entries
  • Fixed up a whole bunch of other issues with Budgeting
  • We've unclogged the queue of career payments (you'll be paid on time now!)
  • Fixed issues purchasing a property when using a Notice Saver for your deposit
  • Fixed the ability to toggle show/hide of expansion outlines
  • Fixed up some typos across the app
  • Fixed the Net Worth chart showing equity owned incorrectly
Budgeting Expansion Update
27th August, 2020

Today we're releasing an update to the budgeting expansion!

Introducing: Release Notes
14th August, 2020

Hey there! This is where you'll find out all about the latest changes which are coming to Banqer High. Sometimes it's bug fixes, other times we're introducing awesome new features.

Either way - stay tuned!