Piloting Banqer in Christchurch classrooms

At the beginning of Term Four Banqer was let loose into the wild in several Christchurch classrooms. With only two more weeks of the school term remaining, we thought we should lift the lid a little on what has been happening in the Garden City.

Micah Hocquard has been one of the teachers trialling Banqer in his classroom. Micah had previously been implementing financial literacy programmes in his classroom, however, he found the integration of Banqer enhanced the engagement levels of his students.

When I started using Banqer in my classroom I found that my students became fully engaged in our Financial Literacy programmes. Because Banqer gives the students a real life banking experience everything they had been learning about money suddenly became much more relevant. Financial Literacy is incorporated into everything that I do in my classroom and Banqer compliments and adds to this perfectly.

Micah is now looking forward to the official launch of Banqer in Term One of 2015 and has some exciting ideas around what he can do in his classroom.

Because Banqer has features like interest, automatic payments, tax, avatars and more my students are absolutely hooked. I am always thinking of new ways in which I can incorporate Banqer into my lessons and everyday programmes. The resource hub has fantastic units of work which cut down on planning time. Teachers can also upload units that they write around Financial Literacy making it an ever growing and evolving source of ideas and resources.

Our pilot classes haven’t been the only ones interested in Banqer. We were recently invited to speak with the Sorted Schools Cluster Group in Auckland. This is a group of around 20 teachers from Auckland schools who are pioneering incorporating the recent financial literacy progressions into their respective schools. The cluster group is run by The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income and is comprised of both secondary and primary school representatives. We were lucky enough to spend half a day with them and heard the great progress they had been making in their schools, and some of the challenges they had been facing as well.

It was then our chance to get up and share the Banqer story to date, what’s to come in the future, and also get some feedback. We had an amazing time with this extremely supportive and inspiring group of teachers. We’re looking forward to working with them all in the future as they will hopefully continue to help shape the future of Banqer in the classroom. They were nice enough to invite us back as well so we will be able to check in and see how financial literacy is continuing to be taught in the New Zealand classroom.

We’re now back in Wellington and working really hard towards the big launch. We will be releasing a bit more information soon about how this will happen so stay tuned!

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