As a keen Commerce student wanting to get a taste of what business is like beyond the textbook, Banqer has been a learning experience that no lecture could match. Banqer has given me an insight into business that I could only wish for.

After the completion of my last exam for the semester, I was heading back up to Christchurch for the break. With my mind free of the joy that stress brings, I had a new focus for the next couple weeks - Banqer. I had a vague idea of what I might encounter during my time at Banqer and I was so grateful to have such a fantastic learning opportunity. And It surpassed every expectation I had.

I’m currently in my first year Commerce, with my heart set on the large corporate Accounting dream, so interning for a startup tech company that has over 60,000 users was a unique and unforgettable experience.

I can’t agree more with the idea that there’s so much to gain by interning for a small company that is as inspiring and successful as Banqer. The fact that I was sitting next to the CEO and an arm's length from the COO, who were both happy to assist with any issues speaks for itself. Due to the size of the company I was able to touch on most aspects of the company. I enjoyed the exposure to strategy and management in particular as it helped broaden my business knowledge and understanding. Extremely useful stuff if you’re trying to figure out what sort of field you wish to enter.

Banqer completely challenges the stereotypical intern experience, handing out responsibility and treat you with the same respect as everyone else, expressing the close collaborative team environment. You're part of a great team who you can see is passionate about providing young kids with financial literacy across Australasia that helps to enable future success in whatever career path they choose. For me the idea that I was interning for a company that cares so deeply about the future of these kids, teaching them important life skills that I wish I’d been taught at their age, is so rewarding. When I tagged along for a school visit on my first day it was inspiring to see how motivated and proactive the students were about money education.

While being at Banqer you truly feel exposed to a friendly tight-knit team culture. For instance, we’d have a meeting every Monday, and everyone would give updates to the rest of the team who are in the room regarding what they accomplished during the previous week, and their goals for the current week. Enabling everyone to have a shared view of progress. At the same time everyone working at the location in Christchurch were around a large table, enforcing the collaborative team environment that you experience every second you’re there.

Another highlight for me was the start-up culture that you experience, and the collective excitement that is experienced whenever something significant has been achieved, further pushing the teamwork that Banqer encourages. I consistently was involved in interesting tasks that needed to be completed, whether working alongside the CEO, Kendall, on something or just completing the work that I was assigned. I honestly can’t name one point where I wasn’t doing something that I found intriguing or that I wasn’t happy to do.

I only have a matter of days left at Banqer before I have to head back down to Otago University for the second semester. It’s become clear to me that I’m quietly wishing the break wasn’t so short lived! I’m sure I’m not the only student to share that view. Banqer doesn’t feel like a job, it’s an experience, and that’s a result of the mixture of friendly faces and the inspiring goal, giving students the opportunity to learn crucial lessons in a safe environment before they have to confront the real world. Thanks to the Banqer team for being so awesome, and hopefully I get the opportunity to see you all again sometime soon!