What should we teach in schools? A long debated question that can polarise parents, and tear apart teachers. Pythagoras versus pop culture, latin versus long division. This list of what should be taught is long and ever changing.

Sorry teachers, but we’re adding one more to that list. Not only that, we’re hoping you’ll agree that it belongs within the top ten.

Careers and employments skills.

Skills such as preparing a CV, assessing your job prospects and understanding the rights and responsibilities that go along with full-time employment. To us, it’s almost indisputable that this deserves to be taught in schools and from an early age. The current reliance on parents to teach these lessons is irresponsible and flawed. By bringing it into the classroom we ensure these lesson across the board and also regulate learnings.

But the last thing we want is for this to feel like another list item for teachers. With the classroom already brimming with must-do’s it gets to a point where enough is enough. In fact, we’ve managed to reduce a teacher's workload by teaching these skills.


...Introducing the Banqer Careers and Employment module!

This allows Banqer teachers to offer employment to their students by monetising their classroom chores. Do you already have Chromebook monitors, chair stackers, or arts corner cleaners? Well now you can officially post that as a job listing and have your students apply for them. First they’ll need to prepare a suitable CV and sort out a referee. Once employed they’ll do the work within your classroom community and receive a weekly paycheck.

These are real life earnings and learning in an extremely safe environment.

We celebrated the launch of this module at Linwood Ave School in Christchurch. Of course there was cake, but there was also a lot of discussion around how best to fill out a CV, what kind of roles the students should be looking for, and the commitment needed when taking on employment. Watching these students take to the new module with excitement and ease made me very excited for what 2017 will bring for teachers all around New Zealand. The team at Kiwibank also came along to help celebrate as it was their support of Banqer that saw this module come to life.

If we can teach these skills while reducing workload for teachers we would consider that a very big win. At the same time, if students are also having a blast we’ll have nailed it. I can’t wait to hear about how you find the Careers and Employment module in your class.

Insights from Kendall Flutey; employee, employer, list hacker and Banqer Co-Founder