During my time as an Assistant Principal in Western Sydney I led my colleagues through a two year formative assessment professional development course as I was very passionate about encouraging assessment for learning.

Now that I have changed roles and work for Banqer full time I have been thinking about a way to marry the two. And I think I have discovered it!

One of my favourite strategies to use was the ‘gallery walk’ which is a way to encourage peer feedback through constructive criticism and as a result, students can take some time to reflect upon and improve the item they are working on. The link above provides an example of using the gallery walk as a means of reflecting upon project based learning, but I have used it with visual arts pieces and can see it working well with creative (or any genre) writing.

A gallery walk involves work being displayed around the room, students then take a walk and look at the different pieces of work, offering critical feedback that they think will be useful for the owner of the work to improve (the teacher can also participate in this experience). It’s obviously important to create some criteria for the students to be looking out for when giving feedback.

I used a ‘two stars and a wish’ format where the students offering feedback thought of two things they loved about the work (stars) and one thing that they would do to improve (wish).

Banqer could be incorporated by offering a monetary amount for each star and wish you give or receive. For example:

These prices could obviously also be adapted to include dollars and cents and then an opportunity to teach about multiplying decimal numbers will arise naturally.

This method provides students with an opportunity to create several drafts and critically reflect on their learning before it is submitted for final marking by the teacher and therefore gives the teacher a better understanding of what the student knows about the topic.

Comment below if you use this method in your classroom or share any triumphs or adaptations in our community.