As a company, and a product, forging your own path is exhilarating, rewarding, but at times daunting. It’s easy to question your approach, and second guess your decisions. Going where no business has gone before means that you set the rules, heck you can even create the game all together. And while I love pushing the boundaries of financial education and inclusion, we need to make sure we’re on track and deriving the outcomes needing to foster a prosperous generation of financially capable kids.

We align our work closely to the National Strategy of those countries Banqer operates, and of course layer our mission across our decisions, somewhat like our true north. These prove really effective in ensuring a quality and relevant product that although novel, still works cohesively within an ecosystem.

But could we do more? Of course.

This year we were the Economic Citizenship Education Award Global Winner, as a part of the Global Inclusion Awards. This is an annual awards event facilitated by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), and given that others winners include the Bangladesh Central Bank we were in good company.

While the award was fantastic recognition for what we’re trying to do, perhaps even better was the ability to have Banqer (the product) in it’s entirety reviewed by CYFI. This comprehensive review leads to receiving CYFI Curriculum Endorsement which we now hold with pride, but we really wanted the review to understand where changes could be made in Banqer that would have a significant impact over our mission; to ensure all kids are prepared for the financial world ahead.

How did we do?

At a high level the report consists of three components; Financial Education, Social/Life Skills Education, and Livelihoods Education. We received scores of eight, seven, and nine out of ten respectively. We’ve already identified some opportunities to incorporate Financial Regulation and Consumer Protection, Conflict Management, Respect for Diversity, and Social Entrepreneurship into Banqer. One of those will be a big part of the Banqer roadmap in 2018.

On top of that we’ve recently released charitable giving in Banqer so students are able to experience Sharing and Donations first-hand. We’re evening backing Banqer dollars with NZD in this instance so it feels even more real for the students who choose to donate their hard earned Banqer dollars.

We’re proud of and excited by a 24/30. It certainly shows we’re forging a worthwhile path while suggesting a few corrections that will make the destination even sweeter when we get there. A big thanks needs to go out to Linas and the team at CYFI. We’re over the moon to now be a part of the CYFI Endorsed club!