A student’s relationship with their teacher increases every time one makes the other smile. If a student woke up smiling and went to bed smiling, wouldn’t they be as happy as ever? When I have a great relationship with my teacher I can’t wait to get into their class and learn.

It’s well known that most students don’t like going to school. Of course this could be due to many factors, and everyone is unique but I believe that if a student wants to be around all their teachers they would love every minute of being at school.

In my last year of primary school I was very happy. My teacher was great, my classmates were great, and there was nothing in my way. This just happened to be the year that Banqer was introduced. And by the end of the year, my teacher could only be categorized as amazing and my classmates were scarily close to becoming family.

I think it was partly because Banqer creates an environment where everybody can bond and become closer. My classmates and teacher saw what I liked when I spent my money and it was fantastic. Students and the teacher got to know each other when Banqer was introduced which made the classroom more than just a place for learning, it became similar to a sanctuary.

As my classmates created businesses to improve the classroom and build their ecosystem, everyone wanted to be involved. Some wanted to be employees, some customers and some just wanted to watch and see how well their mates are doing.

The whole idea of the students wanting to contribute to the class atmosphere makes them work harder. When I used Banqer, I was encouraged to do more writing because I knew I would get paid, based on the quality of the work, which would help me improve my business to make the classroom a greater place. Students are willing to work if it means that they could have an opportunity to improve their workplace.

As we saw more opportunities to contribute to the class, we branched away from relying on the teacher and became more independent. Instead of the teacher reminding us to hand a few creative writing pieces, my teacher was being surprised every morning with new pieces of work. He was amazed at what Banqer had done and he had seen a great improvement in the quality of work by the students, due to the fact that they were putting in more effort when writing. From this point on, my teacher was hardly ever in a grumpy mood, every student had a great relationship with him, and the overall class atmosphere skyrocketed from being an ordinary classroom to buoyant learning centre.

Going back to the trend of students not liking school and despising going to school but loving to leave, when Banqer was introduced in my classroom, this flipped. Students were entering the classroom way before school started, and sometimes even before the teacher, and not wanting to leave. Most importantly, students came to school with a smile and left with a smile. What more can you ask from your school, to educate your child while they have fun.

Insights from Jordy Annand, one of the original 24 Banqer students who piloted the new idea in late 2014.