What can you achieve in a school day?

We hear it time and time again from teachers. There’s just not enough time in the day. Between Maths and English, you try to squeeze in ICT or Art, but it’s always a zero-sum game. As one thing comes in, another must go.

So when the new financial capabilities progressions were recently introduced by the Ministry of Education (MOE) we were curious to know how teachers felt.

On one hand financial literacy is a topic currently being debated in many countries and contexts. The OECD has recognised the societal disparity stemming from being financially illiterate, and at a national level it’s obvious the ramifications, with one in three New Zealanders not having even $1,000 of savings for emergencies. It’s clear that this is one subject that needs addressing earlier in life. We need some preventative teaching in place, instead of letting individuals make the same old financial mistakes and fall back on acute monetary care.

On the other hand how can teachers afford the time to teach this extra material? What do they stop teaching to squeeze it into a curriculum that is bursting at the seams?

What if it wasn’t a zero sum game? And what if we said that we have a brand new financial literacy tool for teachers and their classes, and the opportunity cost of using it was extremely low, as it was able to just tick away in the background?

We’re really excited to introduce Banqer, the web platform to facilitate the teaching of financial literacy in a practical and engaging way in our classrooms.

Sign up to updates on our homepage to learn more about how we offer an innovative and exciting tool for schools to teach financial capabilities that align with the MOE curriculum objectives. Our resource hub brings you content that communicates teaching outcomes, not just to tick it off the curriculum list, but also to represent results that impact positively on society. Banqer will be different in every classroom and this flexibility is where the real benefit comes in. It will be the teachers that unleash Banqer and its potential.

We’re currently piloting in classrooms to refine our offering and make sure it is the best it can be before our national launch in Term One 2015. If you’re as excited as we are you can keep up to date with our progress here.

Let’s rephrase that first question: What can’t you achieve in a school day with Banqer?