If you’re like the average Kiwi you may not be that inclined to talk openly and honestly about debt. Most of us see debt in a negative light and as such it’s tucked away safely to deal with another day. This was one of the reasons this year’s Money Week theme was ‘What does debt do for you?’ This offers a chance to not only discuss debt, but think about debt not as a burden, but an enabler.

With a focus on kids we had a heap of fun as we unleashed our debt themed events and activities for all of New Zealand to enjoy. We kicked things off with a conversation starter for kids (and big kids alike) through our interactive video. If you haven’t played it yet give it a go and see if you can destroy the debt. We’ve had some great feedback from teachers who played it with their students in class, a common theme being the kids making their teacher go through every single option.

To keep the debt conversations flowing across New Zealand we also facilitated a money themed Mystery Skype. If you’re not familiar with what that is it’s an education game used all over the world that connects classrooms at random. We set our schools a task to collaborate on and hopefully make some new friends from the different corners of New Zealand.

Money Week also plays host to Insurance Day which is run by one of our partners the Insurance Council of New Zealand. This means we get to join in the fun at a day spent with four Auckland schools using Banqer to learn all about insurance. The day is facilitated by the Young Enterprise Trust who always do an amazing job at keeping things running smoothly. We’re also joined by around a dozen insurers who lend a hand as mentors to our 40 or so 11-13 year olds. Insurance Day is in it’s third year now and it remains one of the highlights for us.

To wrap everything up we asked the kids of New Zealand to tell us their debt stories - literally! We held a debt themed storybook competition and were so impressed by the entries. Our judges had a tough time choosing three supreme winners, but after much deliberation Chelsea Holland, Keisha Power, and Gemma Lovewell all took out the top spots. Their stories will go on to be published and we’re sure enjoyed for a long time yet.

Although Money Week is now done and dusted for another year we see the week that was as a catalyst for greater discussions to be had yet. Don’t restrict yourself to one week a year to talk, share, and learn about money. And if you ever want someone to talk shop with, know that we’re always happy to have a chat!

Insights from Kendall (Money Week enthusiast and Banqer team member)