The value of Banqer from a financial literacy standpoint is undeniable. Banqer teaches kids about money in a practical and relevant way. But there is more to it than that. Banqer doubles as a motivational tool in your classroom. Sound too good to be true? We’re just relaying what we’re hearing from Banqer teachers...

Owen Foster, a year eight teacher sums it up nicely when he told us; "Banqer has been a useful tool for both teaching financial literacy and enhancing classroom management and student motivation. Through the authentic context that it provides, students have seen first hand the importance of financial management."

Warren Grieves has been using Banqer in his class for almost a full term now.

"My class have been excitedly using Banqer for a term. They are learning to run a business, face financial decisions, cope with budgets not meeting expenditure and often reminding me about their next pay.”

We’re known for helping aid in teaching kids about money, but our motivational side is only just being unearthed. We want to let you know just how powerful a tool Banqer can be for motivating your students.

"As Banqer matures as a product it will occupy the number one place in my class as a method of rewarding and motivating students, as well as teaching them financial literacy." Warren continued."

Warren isn’t the only one who tames his class through Banqer.

Jordan, a student teacher using Banqer told us "Banqer’s fantastic! It’s improved self management, especially in children who lack organisational skills. It has made them all so much more engaged and motivated."

"Banqer has been a great, new, simple to use resource within my class this year. Banqer has been a fantastic reward incentive with my students, with the whole class buying into it. The students have thoroughly enjoyed creating businesses to create more revenue for their accounts. It has helped them develop an understanding of the financial world with such things as income and expenses.” This from Alex Devereux, a year eight teacher.

So how do they do it? What is the magic ingredient in Banqer and how could you use Banqer in your class for motivational purposes?

In our Resource Hub we have an entire resource dedicated to discussing how to to use Banqer as a motivational tool. The motivation resource will aid as a great source of inspiration to any teacher wanting to get the most out of their students. If you’re anything like the other Banqer teacher’s we’ve been talking to you’ll also find that the more you use Banqer the more you realise how motivating it is for students.

Colin, a year seven and eight teacher told us "It's working really well as far as children doing jobs for a salary and working well as a reward system for children doing the right thing. Our DP has got on board with it and has started giving children money for things." We think this is awesome!

So why not double the benefits for your class and try Banqer today? If you need a little motivation, we offer a free 30 day trial. See what effect Banqer could have in your class and sign up today!