We’ve all heard (or even given!) the advice “follow your dreams”. The internet is littered with this sentiment over and over again:

This seems all good and well until it comes time to pay bills, monetize services and sometimes do things you simply don’t want to do. So, here’s five less sexy, but more helpful alternatives when it comes to inspiring students (we threw in some beautiful visuals to add to the appeal):

It is common knowledge to anyone that has been around a while that life does not go 100% to plan. Ever. This handy little quote reminds people like 12 year old Johnny (who is already 6 ft tall) that his dream to be a professional horse jockey may not end up with him on the back of a stallion, but perhaps he can become a great coach or own a racecourse one day. That’s a pivot.

People have a weird fixation on their job title being the be all and end all. This is hopefully coming to a close with millennials, who - according to Forbes.com - are predicted to job hop 15-20 times, and change careers around 4 times within their lifetimes. This quote should remind people that life does exist outside the ‘9 to 5’ and that they are worth more than the measure of their contribution to a capitalist society.

What a privilege it is to teach the up-and-coming generation how to manage their finances well and therefore end cycles of poverty and overspending. With this bold and empowering little saying, you can inspire people to consider their finances as something to measure and grow relative to the goals they have.

As we grow up, our concept of fun drastically changes, and often seems to be lost altogether at some point. Perhaps it could be because we engage in fun activities that we can only enjoy for a short while, then never get around to replacing it with something else. This quote could serve as a reminder that having fun is not age-specific, but rather something to be purveyed across the board. Have you had fun this week?

I remember being young and thinking I could never be content if I still had big goals I hadn’t achieved. That’s essentially a one-way ticket to ‘burn out’ land. This little quote reminds people to be grateful for where they are now, and yet still hopeful that life can and will get better.

There’s a lot of content out there about identifying dreams and passions in a productive way. If you want to read more, check these out:

Insights from Cam Richardson (fun-seeker, pivoter, and Banqer Team Member)