Remote learning and school closures

Yesterday’s announcement marks a transition for our nation, and provides schools and educators with the task of planning for this new way of living. Not only are you needing to make plans for your own whānau, but you’re also needing to create a new educational framework for your learners.

We want to play our small part for primary and intermediate educators by providing some guidance on how best to use Banqer Primary to enhance and support remote learning, with assurance that Banqer Primary will continue to be a completely free online tool for all of 2020.

From our experience, using Banqer in the following ways can make your life, the lives of your students and potentially their parents, easier.

  • Paying students for submitting work on time, or in advance, via the one off payment option under Payments & Transfers (especially good if they have a job in the classroom they normally get paid for);
  • Paying students as a reward for logging in to access their assigned tasks;
  • Using this opportunity to introduce a new concept to the students in your class and have them research, and then report or present back the ideas. Something like interest, or KiwiSaver would be a great topic;
  • Our resources (found here) have some great lesson plans and FAQs that are really helpful when it comes to planning lessons. A lot of these lesson plans are quick, easy to understand and would be easily digested over a video lesson with your students; and
  • Contact us! We're still here, working remotely, and able to support you however you need to use Banqer Primary at this time. Our team is available for video sessions over Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts as well as over the phone and through email.

For our loyal Banqer educators, if you have any other ideas please let us know and we will share your suggestions far and wide. For those new to Banqer Primary, it’s lovely to see you join our whānau at a time where virtual connectedness is going to make a big difference to how we get through this. If you think Banqer Primary could help anyone you know, please let them know.

Again, we’re 100% free and will be for every educator wanting to use our platform - something our Champion Partner, Kiwibank, was keen to support immediately.

Right now although a lot feels out of our control it’s important to acknowledge what we do have the power to control; how we treat each other. And to that end we’re hoping this helps make your life a little easier.

Hei konā mai