For many in the Banqer Community, Term 3 was packed with School Productions, the Rio Olympics, chilly winter months and so much more. It’s finally the holidays, so, we’re asking the teachers of New Zealand:

What photos represent your spring holiday activities the most?

  1. The Avid Reader
  2. You can finally start indulging yourself in all those books you want to read.

  3. The Frantic Marker
  4. Sometimes it can be a bit of a dark cloud over your head, but the question is, will you start now, or leave it until the last weekend?

  5. The Professional Relaxer
  6. Emptying your mind is no problem, it’s time to kick back!

  7. The Intrepid Explorer
  8. You’ve been itching to get out amongst nature for a few months now.

  9. The Green Thumb Grower
  10. These veggies/flowers/shrubbery aren’t going to grow themselves!

  11. The Sleep Catcher-Upper
  12. You’ve averaged 4.5 hours of sleep a night all term, your primary goal is rest.

  13. The Fitness Inspiration
  14. There’s a growing feeling your body has been neglected, time to start exercising for summer!

  15. The Raging Socialite
  16. Less student-time and more friend-time is just what you enjoy the most.

  17. The Spring Cleaner
  18. The house has been in shambles for a while - “clean house, happy house.”

  19. The Dancer/Musician
  20. You can’t wait to get your groove on.

Bonus: The Banqer team will be heading along to #ULearn16 to hang out with some teachers - are you going to be there?

*please note: It is unlikely there will be any ferris wheels at ULearn.

The holidays are also a perfect time to reflect on the conversations and learnings Banqer provoked in your classroom throughout the term - we would love to hear your reflections in our Banqer community page.

Would you add anything to our list? Mention it in comments on Facebook or below!

Insights from Cam Richardson (Self-declared Grooving Dancer/Musician and Banqer Team Member)