Today is the day we launch Banqer to the world (well, New Zealand!)

Last year we piloted Banqer in select Christchurch schools to great success and now we move into the next exciting phase, making Banqer available to all educators throughout New Zealand.

We have spent the holiday period perfecting teaching resources on the Teacher Resources Hub as well as putting the finishing touches to the interactive interface that will communicate with students, engaging them in a fun learning process while educating them around financial literacy. If you’ve been following us for a while, you will also notice that our home page is looking a little different too, just in time for launch day!

To celebrate our launch we are offering free access to a select group of schools, those schools that are a part of the Sorted Schools Cluster Group in Auckland. This is a pioneering group of around 20 teachers from Auckland schools who are incorporating the recent financial literacy progressions into their respective schools. We stand behind this group of educators, supporting them on their journey. We look forward to monitoring their progress and we’ll keep you updated with their feedback along the way.

Not only are we giving away free access to the Sorted Schools Cluster Group, but in celebration of our launch we’re giving one lucky teacher the chance to try Banqer in class for free! All they have to do is like and share our facebook page and leave a comment telling us why they want to win Banqer for their class. This will give you access to the Teacher Resource Hub and Banqer App, allowing the winning teacher to educate their class using our virtual online Banqing system. The competition will run for three weeks closing Monday 23rd of February at 5pm, with the winner being drawn Wednesday 25th of February.

On that note, we’re really looking forward to the school term ahead, with many exciting events in the pipeline, Banqer is on track to reach 1000’s of students over the coming school term.

If you’re new to Banqer, welcome, otherwise thank you for all of your support so far. We’re looking forward to the year ahead, and can’t wait to bring you along on our journey, in fulfilling our dream of increasing financial literacy across New Zealand one child at a time!

Be sure to subscribe to our email updates and blog posts, and don’t forget to keep up with our progress via facebook, twitter and linkedin. We will be posting company news, events, updates and successes as well as any competition details on these pages so stay connected and follow us now.

Best of luck in the competition and enjoy the term to come!

Banqer has launched, register now.