On a Tuesday afternoon during the school holidays, 30 educators tuned in live from all over New Zealand for our first ever Banqer ‘Crash Course’ Webinar. A big thank you again for all those that attended and got involved! If you missed it, and would like to check out a non-edited version, you can see that here.

Some of the best discussions and ideas were as follows. Refer to this list for a little extra knowledge and a whole lot of inspiration.

Questions to Micah (Banqer veteran)

From David: “Good thought to use cash. Do you have a deposit slip that they can fill out to deposit into their bank account at some point?”

Micah Answer: “Cash is a great start! I usually rely on it for the first few weeks with a new class to familiarise them with the Banqer earning concept. I phase this out (usually around week 5) by allowing students to deposit their cash to a ‘monitoring company’ (that other students have set up) who keep a log book and distribute accordingly.”

From Suzanne: “These ideas sound fabulous - where do you draw a line between a company responsibility and a civil/community responsibility that kids should do - i.e. not expect payment for?”

Micah Answer: “For this, it’s entirely up to the teacher. In my class, if I ask a student to do something, and they reply “How much for?”, I will tell them off - this is the behaviour I try and prevent, as it is a symbol they are not willing to contribute to the class unless they are compensated for it. I would recommend you look for and prevent this angle, but encourage the creative company ideas that will be presented from the students - it develops the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Question: “I wonder about the amounts that are being given out - interest etc- as they seem very 'unreal'- creating some ideas of what a 'living financial literacy' is?”

Micah Answer: “You can make it as ‘real’ as you want - get kids to jump online and find what interest rates banks are providing. The main balance we strive to maintain is reality vs a limited time frame - we squish a lifetime into a year!”

Question: If you do the free trial does the money transfer over the kids have earned if the school decides to go for it?

Micah Answer: All money and settings are maintained!

Student Company Ideas

  • “We have a teacher staff room company, junior caretaker, and then lots of companies that run activities for other students in breaks”
  • “Lost property company”
  • “Recycling rubbish sorters!”
  • “Returning school journals for our class and other classes”
  • “Teacher's assistant/Teacher PA”
  • “Gardening Company”
  • “Be a best friend company - looking for people in the playground who may not have someone to play with, and be a friend”
  • “Paintbrush & paint tray cleaning company for lots of classes.”
  • “Administrative Assistant who reminds their memory challenged teacher of things that are happening.”
  • “My security officer reminds me to lock the chromebook cupboards at breaks.”
  • “Healthy lunchbox checking company”
  • “The Technical Problem Solving Company” (noted after the webinar encountered some technical difficulties!)
  • “The school pool cleaning company”
  • “The Homework Collectors”
  • “Teacher happiness facilitator”

General Inspiration

Where to source ‘Banqer cash’:

  • “$2 shops have some good play money for sale”
  • “I bought some ink pad stamps from Every Educaid for NZ coins. Think they do notes as well. Can 'make' your own & when they get tatty, make some more.”
  • “We made cheesy money with the teachers' faces on them!”
  • “Students in our school created their own money - good to see the type of security issues on notes”

Ways to spend Banqer dollars

  • “Famous Banqer auction”
  • “Auction off a teacher swim in the pool during winter!”
  • “Portions of hot chips - always a winner!”
  • “Sport equipment (eg tennis balls)”
  • “Auction a lunch with the teacher!”
  • “We had a big market day with companies creating things, baking from home etc that they sold to each other. Two classes did it together to widen the market. Hard work but great buy in.”
  • “Additional iPad thinking games time”
  • “Auction off the choice of activity for learning during your Health/P.E. lessons”
  • “My students like to use their money for time on the bouncy chairs or extra PE time, headphones etc”
  • “Pizza to make at school - customise by auctioning the toppings!”
  • “Sell ice cream sundaes as a class celebration. Everyone gets a bowl & spoon. Charge for ice cream/toppings etc.”
  • “Buy free time with a friend from another class”

Thanks for all of your fantastic ideas. We hope you’ll join us on our next webinar, but until then, happy Banqing and may Term three be your best yet.

Did you attend the webinar and have other highlights? Be sure to let us know so we can share it with the others. Comment below or make a post in our Banqer community!

Insights from Cam Richardson & Team Banqer