You hear chirping. Is that the sound of some sort of urban wildlife? Suddenly, your eyes fly wide open - you must have missed your alarm! Stumbling and scrambling to get out of bed, you start formulating a way to excuse yourself from the morning meeting when another thought interrupts:

It's the school holidays.

The relief quickly turns into a smirk as you rediscover what being well-rested feels like*. But what to do now? Lucky for you, we’ve devised a helpful ‘ideas checklist’ of 10 things to do over the next two weeks to get the most out of your holidays.

*disclaimer: We acknowledge that the idyllic scenario above sometimes does not work out as well for parents of young children - our thoughts are with you.

  • Light a (legal) fire and enjoy the warming spectacle of dancing light
  • Go for a nice bushwalk (I’m sure it’s not that cold)
  • Find some snow and enjoy it (doesn’t have to be an expensive ski/snowboard trip!)
  • Try some ‘discount dining’ options like First Table and Grab One
  • Attend the Banqer Webinar - Tuesday, 19th of July at 1:30pm
  • Reconnect with a neighbour you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Sample a new hot-drink (whether that be a new tea/coffee flavour, or mulled wine)
  • Keep a lookout for the spectacular Southern Lights (best chance to see them is in winter!)
  • Relax in a spa pool and appreciate the rapid change in temperature
  • Roam Pinterest for some home renovation ideas and (if you’re secretly missing your classroom) some classroom decoration ideas

Do you have anything else you’re planning to do these holidays? Be sure to let us know so we can grow this list. Comment below or make a post in our Banqer community!

Insights from Cam Richardson (Holiday lover and Banqer Team Member)