Keeping Parents Informed
19th January, 2021

It's a new year and that means we've got a whole bunch planned for Banqer High. First up - we're introducing a way to keep your parents and caregivers up to date with what's going on in your Banqer High classroom.

Here's a summary of what's being released today:

  • Students can enter their parent/caregiver's email address in the dashboard
  • Once their email address is confirmed, they'll receive fairly regular updates as milestones are achieved in Banqer High
  • Teachers can view the status of their classroom, and which students have connected parents/caregivers

Additionally we've made a number of other changes:

  • Payslips will now show repayments for multiple student loans, if you have them
  • Price movements on the BHX have had a slight rework
  • Fixed display issues when enabling expansions as a teacher for the first time
Introducing: Wrap Up
23rd November, 2020

It’s always awesome for students to reflect on the progress they’ve made throughout the year, and to celebrate how far they've come. So from today we’re adding a new wrap up experience to Banqer High.

This will take students through a fun summary of their time using Banqer High, highlighting their strengths and how they have developed financially. Check it out in a Banqer High classroom near you!

Here's a quick summary of the changes:

  • Teachers are able to set a wrap up date for their classroom
  • Students are given a list of tasks to complete before the wrap up
  • Once wrapped up, your classroom is paused, and students can't interact any further
  • Students will be able to view an interactive wrap up experience, and download their certificate of completion


  • Students can download their CVs for real-world use
  • Teachers can export a spreadsheet of student progress
Recent Bug Fixes
15th October, 2020

We've just squashed another handful of bugs! Here are all the details...

  • Fixed an inaccuracy in the 'Total Withdrawn' statistic for KiwiSaver
  • Flatmates will now be charged evenly if their flat account balance goes below zero
  • Fixed an issue where forced payments (e.g. Flat rent and expenses which don't have an automatic payment) weren't always processed
  • Fixed an issue with the budgeting interface not loading after completing the quiz
  • Fixed an issue where an accidental purchase could be made when trying to sell shares on the BHX (We're also refunding any students impacted by this)
  • Budgeting entries will now be copied over from the previous week - you won't have to fill it out every time!
Banqer Time Frames
15th September, 2020

We’re introducing some exciting changes to Banqer High! Next time you set up a classroom, you will be able to select one of three time frames for your class (10, 20 or 40 weeks). There are also changes in store for the BHX, careers and the home-ownership expansion...

Recent Bug Fixes
11th September, 2020

We've been chasing down some bugs recently! Here's a taster:

  • We're working on some issues with doubled-up Budgeting entries
  • Fixed up a whole bunch of other issues with Budgeting
  • We've unclogged the queue of career payments (you'll be paid on time now!)
  • Fixed issues purchasing a property when using a Notice Saver for your deposit
  • Fixed the ability to toggle show/hide of expansion outlines
  • Fixed up some typos across the app
  • Fixed the Net Worth chart showing equity owned incorrectly
Budgeting Expansion Update
27th August, 2020

Today we're releasing an update to the budgeting expansion!

Introducing: Release Notes
14th August, 2020

Hey there! This is where you'll find out all about the latest changes which are coming to Banqer High. Sometimes it's bug fixes, other times we're introducing awesome new features.

Either way - stay tuned!