Frequently Asked Questions

Logins and passwords

I haven't received my verification email, what can I do? First off, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, it's possible our email was blocked by school servers. It would be ideal for your IT team to whitelist our domain, If you're still having trouble, please contact us at, and we'll be able to help you.
Another teacher has invited me to join their classroom, but I haven't received the email. How can I accept the invitation? Apologies the email hasn't made it to you. Sometimes our emails are blocked by school servers. Please contact us at, and we'll get this sorted.
How do I add students to my classroom? Teachers can add students from the 'Manage Students' tab on their teacher dashboard. From there, the green 'Add new students' button can be selected.
How do my students first log in to Banqer Primary? Teachers provide students with unique usernames/passwords. To do this from your teacher dashboard, click the 'Manage Students' tab and then select the blue 'View and change student passwords' button. There's a 'View printable handouts' option at the bottom of the list. Students can log in from
My student has signed up as a teacher. How do I get them onto the correct student profile? Please reach out to us at so we can suspend the incorrect account. Your student will need to follow the standard process to log in for the first time, as outlined above.
I can't log in. How can I reset my password? From the sign in page, click 'I forgot my password' and follow the prompts. If you still have trouble signing in after resetting this, reach out to us at
My student can't log in. How can they reset their password? Teachers must reset student passwords from the teacher dashboard within the 'Manage Students' tab, by clicking the blue 'View and change student passwords' button, or within the individual student profiles.
How can my students or I change our passwords? Log in and head to the 'Edit Profile' section, in the top right corner of your dashboard. If you can't log in, try resetting your password.
If I've moved schools, can I transfer my Banqer account to my new school? We love it when teachers take Banqer with them! If you're using Banqer Primary you can absolutely keep your old account at your new school. To update your email address, head to the 'Edit profile' section and to change your school details, click on your 'Class Settings' tab.

Data, privacy, and security

Where is your data stored? Our data centres are in Sydney. All information that we collect is held confidently, and securely, in accordance with terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Do you collect private data on teachers and students? As outlined in our privacy policy, Banqer may collect the following personal information: full name, Year level and gender. We may also collect personal information about the use of the platform, such as transactional information, quiz results and behaviour while using the platform.
How can I have my data removed from your system? Just email us at and request that your data or a child's data (if you're the caregiver) be removed from our systems, and it will be done. Banqer complies with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and the data protection laws of the United Kingdom ("UK"), and other applicable privacy laws and data protection laws (if applicable). You can read more about how we manage data in our privacy policy.

Getting started

What technology does my school need to use Banqer? We are an online platform, so your school will need internet access and devices to use Banqer. Plus, we are mobile-friendly, so you and your students can log in from any device, anywhere.
Does Banqer have an app? No, we don't have a native app of sorts, but many teachers bookmark Banqer on devices for students to make signing in each time quick and easy.
How long does it take to set up my first class? You can be up and running with Banqer in a matter of minutes. Once you have completed your registration, adding or inviting students will take less than five minutes. Once students have completed their registration, you're good to go.
Is Banqer mobile phone friendly? We sure are! Teachers and students can log in from their mobile devices, making logins easy no matter where they are.
What Year Levels is Banqer aimed at? Banqer Primary is designed and best suited for Years 3-8 and is most often used from Year 5.
How should I get started with Banqer once students are added to my class? We have a bunch of resources to help you with your first lesson. Check out this introduction video!

Integration and curriculum alignment

How do I begin mapping out my Banqer lessons? We've made this easy with our Unit Plan document, which is a detailed outline that includes lesson plans, slide shows, worksheets, etc. for each module, all in one place.
What subjects does Banqer align with? Banqer aligns with various subjects, and we've provided a bunch of resources to help you with this. Have a look at our Curriculum Alignment document or head to our curriculum page to learn more.

Cost, cancellation and wrapping up with Banqer

How much does Banqer cost? Thanks to the generous support of our Champion Partner Kiwibank, Banqer Primary is free for New Zealand primary and intermediate schools.
Can we cancel our school's Banqer account? You can do this at any time. Banqer Primary is offered at no cost, thanks to our partners, so there is no financial penalty for cancelling or stopping use.
How do we wrap up with Banqer now that we're at the end of our planned period? Congratulations on reaching the end of your work with us! We encourage you to celebrate the learnings and achievements with your class. This could include awarding those on the leaderboard with certificates, hosting a class party, or running a final auction with the students' Banqer dollars. Check out the Banqer Primary wrapping-up lesson and additional resources in the Teacher Resource Hub from your teacher dashboard.

Managing my class

How many weeks should I use Banqer in my class? That depends on each teacher's class and planning. Banqer is highly flexible and can be used in a single term or across a whole year.
How much class time should I spend on Banqer each week? Again that depends on the teacher and their class. We recommend setting aside at least an hour of class time every week or two so students can explore the platform and complete any class activities that might be set.
Can we use Banqer outside of class time? Yes! Absolutely. As Banqer is an online platform, teachers and students can log in from home at any time.
Can another teacher manage the class if needed? They sure can. If teachers go on leave, become unwell or change classes, we've made it super easy to add additional teachers to your Banqer class. It's also helpful if you co-teach! This article explains how to do this.
How can I use Banqer to reward and motivate my students? Banqer has an inbuilt reward and incentive system, making class management easier. Teachers can award Banqer dollars as one-off or regular payments which can be traded for rewards determined by the teacher. Watch this video for tips on how to do this.
Can students interact with each other? Students can make Banqer dollar payments to each other after this functionality is enabled by the teacher within the 'Payments & Transfers' tab. The option to 'Allow transactions between students' must be selected.

Content and resources

How do the students access the different modules/expansions? These are accessed once teachers have enabled them, and it's up to the teacher to pace the content as suits their class.
How often should I enable the modules/expansions? This will depend on how long you want to use Banqer for in the school year. We strongly suggest taking your time when enabling these, to give the students the opportunity to absorb the content and complete the necessary activities. As a general guide for those stretching it across a full year, we recommend enabling a module every 2-4 weeks, or one per week in the 10 week timeframe.
Is the content different between Banqer Primary and Banqer High? It sure is. Banqer Primary has been developed and written for younger students, the modules being specific to a deep exploration of foundational financial concepts. Banqer High explores new and more complex financial concepts for deeper learning. Explore the Banqer Primary features or the Banqer High features to learn more.
Is the content different for different Year Levels of the students? There are curriculum links to the different Year Levels within the lesson plans, but expansions and modules themselves aren't explicitly for specific Year Levels. We recommend that you make a judgement on where your students are performing and their capability to interact with the modules.
We have finished all the modules/expansions. What should I do with Banqer now? We recommend continuing to Banqer until the end of your planned time. The simulation will continue to run, giving students more opportunities to learn. Check out some of the learning resources in your teacher dashboard for in-class activities or get inspired by what some other teachers have done in our Banqer community section.

Parent and caregiver updates

How can I keep parents and caregivers informed about their child's Banqer progress? We've made this super easy for teachers by automatically sending email updates to any parents that would like to be kept informed. Teachers can invite parents to opt-in from their teacher dashboard, or invites with a unique code can be printed and sent home.
How often are these email updates sent? This depends on how often a class uses Banqer. Parents will receive an update when a new module or expansion is enabled, but no more than one every four days.
Can parents and caregivers opt-out of these updates? 100%. Banqer complies with all email communications regulations in New Zealand and abroad, enabling any person to opt-out of communications from us at any time.
What information would parents get from these updates? Parents will only receive information about their child updating them on when new modules start, their child's progress through these modules, and any achievements gained.