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Financial capability is a critical life skill to set our students up for lifelong success.

With Banqer, educators can easily and quickly deliver curriculum-aligned, deeply engaging financial education that creates student impact.

Create lifelong impact

Research shows that strong financial capability is the foundational building block of financial wellbeing throughout a person's life.

By using Banqer in your classroom, you can shape your students' futures while delivering curriculum requirements.

In a classroom, two students with laptops look up to a teacher

It provides all my students with the knowledge that they need to get a foot up in life.

Sam Jacka, Year 7/8 Teacher, Northern Bay College, Geelong

Engage every student

Capturing your students' attention is a critical step to effective learning.

Banqer's experiential approach sparks deep curiosity, enabling you to equip your students with lessons for the real world.

Four students sitting at a desk looking at a laptop

We wanted an engaging program that would build student capability not only for now, but also for the future. Banqer does exactly that.

Ruan Van Der Merwe, Head of Commerce and Entrepreneurship, St Andrew's Anglican College, Sunshine Coast

Make teaching easy

Educators consistently face enormous time and resource pressures.

Banqer's teaching resources do the heavy lifting for you while ensuring curriculum alignment, leaving more time for what matters most.

Banqer co-founder and co-CEO Kendall Flutey and a student use a laptop together

The depth and breadth of Banqer has meant that I have not had to spend time designing a course aligned to the curriculum. The course content is already there.

Peter Rowley-Bates, Year 10 Teacher, Wellington Secondary College, Melbourne

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How does it work?

Tailored for secondary schools, building core life skills around banking, careers, property, budgeting, insurance, and investments, including the stock exchange

Banqer High features

Still have questions on how Banqer High works?

A few common questions that schools have when deciding how to get started with Banqer. To see all of these head over to our FAQs page.

What technology does my school need to use Banqer? We are an online platform, so your school will need internet access, student email addresses and devices to use Banqer. Plus, we are mobile-friendly, so you and your students can log in from any device, anywhere.
I haven’t received my Banqer High confirmation email, what can I do? First off, please check your spam folder. Sometimes these emails take a few minutes to get through the school's servers. If you haven’t received your confirmation email within 10 minutes please contact us at and we’ll be able to help you.
How much does Banqer High cost? Prices vary for Banqer High depending on the number of licences a school wants. To find out more, head to our Banqer High pricing page.