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Starting the Conversation: Compulsory Financial Literacy in Schools

In a recent webinar hosted by Banqer, our co-founder and co-CEO Kendall spoke with four other experts about the significance and potential impact of making financial literacy a mandatory part of New Zealand's school curriculums. Kendall shares her insights and what she learned from that discussion.

kendall flutey and a high school student in the classroom

Introducing Banqer High Stage 3

Banqer High Stage 3 complements a school’s pastoral care program and allows students to understand the consequences of their choices before stepping into the real world. The platform simulates decisions around leaving home, career pathways and higher education, debt management and other critical choices made from the ages of 17 - 22.

image from the senior dashboard which depicts the student learning journey

Compulsory Financial Literacy in Schools webinar recap

In November, Banqer held a webinar, inviting four expert panellists to discuss what compulsory financial literacy in New Zealand could look like and the importance of integrating financial literacy into school curriculums.

image of the four webinar panellists and kendall flutey the host and co founder of banqer

Banqer High achievements: Redefining Success Beyond Net Worth

Learn how Banqer High achievements foster deep engagement, motivation, and reward students for mastering financial skills.

Text 'Banqer High Achievements: Redefining success beyond net worth'. Examples of student achievements in Banqer High: 'Career check-in streak', 'Budgeting streak', 'Aced!', and 'Realised gains.'

Top 5 Banqer Primary resources for classroom success

Teaching financial literacy is crucial but challenging. The Teacher Resource Hub offers a wealth of engaging and practical resources to make money matters more understandable for students. Here's a quick look at the top five Banqer Primary resources that could be perfect for your classroom.

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Setting Up a Virtual Classroom Economy: A Guide for Teachers

Learn how to set up an interactive class economy and foster discussions around 'needs' vs 'wants' using Banqer Primary

Screenshot of Banqer Primary, text 'Distinguishing between needs and wants', Banqer Primary logo.