Banqer High achievements: Redefining Success Beyond Net Worth

Kel Lysaght

Kel Lysaght

Marketing Coordinator

Banqer Teachers are likely already familiar with the gamified elements of Banqer. We'd like to introduce another component designed to fuel your students' enthusiasm for financial education. Banqer High's achievements system rewards skill mastery with badges, reinforcing that success goes beyond net worth to include personal growth.

Read on to learn about all the achievements in Banqer High!

What are Banqer High achievements? 

Banqer High achievements are virtual badges awarded to students for mastering skills learned through Banqer. Introducing these achievements early on encourages students to engage more deeply, stay motivated and make the most of all opportunities within Banqer High! There are sixteen unique achievements, which students can earn in various ways - from performing simple tasks like opening a bank account, to more challenging tasks which demonstrate deeper financial understanding. Read more about these below! 

How can we celebrate achievements?

The ‘Who’s on Top’ leaderboards showcase which students in your class have unlocked the most achievements! Consider hosting a prizegiving on your Wrap Up day, and elebrate the students who've made it to the top of the leaderboard, among others! Additionally, each student's achievements will be showcased in their Wrap-Up report at the end of Banqer High. It's a fun way to acknowledge everyone's efforts!

 Where can I see which students are earning achievements?

Located on the right side of your Teacher Dashboard, you'll find the “Who’s on Top” (leaderboard) panel. By clicking on the 'achievements' button under the 'My Class' tab, a visual display of your top six students - ranked by their earned achievements - will appear.

screenshot of the achievements on the teacher dashboard

To view an individual student's achievements, you'll need to log in as that student. From there, just click on their avatar to go to their profile and scroll down the bottom of the page to find their achievements!

Remember, some achievements designed to foster consistent positive behaviors can be earned multiple times! how the achievements look on the student dashboard

What are the achievements that may be earned?

one time achievements repeatable achievements

Ready to take student engagement to the next level?

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