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  • I wish I had been taught it at primary school!! I didn’t learn some of this stuff myself until my mid 20’s! But it’s never too late.

    Banqer Beyond learner

  • I'm an adult in a skilled profession yet I've no idea how the interest on my mortgage or savings is calculated, especially when they are calculated annually vs monthly etc. It's quite embarrassing really!

    Banqer Beyond learner

  • How did I get to 47 without learning this stuff? It should be taught in school!! I proceeded to talk my 19 year old’s ear off about it and talked to him about what he already knew about investing and some misconceptions he had about it. It opened up a really good chat and he is actually keen to know more. I can't wait to share this with him.

    Banqer Beyond learner

  • I work in HR in a company that prioritises financial empowerment, so using something like Banqer is something that really connects to my day-to-day work!

    Banqer Beyond learner

Three reasons you'll
love Banqer

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Increase Financial Literacy

Banqer Beyond covers the financial concepts we all need to know as adults to navigate our finances. These concepts are taught through simulative learning, where learners practise money management in the Banqer world. This ranges from banking and budgeting, through to employment, risk management, and even retirement planning.

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Reduce Financial Stress

When we’re sound in our understanding of money management, we have one extra tool to help control our financial situation. Increased control empowers the required changes to meet personal financial goals, and reduce the daily stress that money can add to our lives, both at work, and at home.

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Contribute More

When we’re able to navigate our finances with confidence research shows our broader lives benefit. At work we’re more productive, don’t need to take as much time off, and are more likely to stay in our jobs for longer. This reinforces our financial confidence, driving greater benefits in our personal lives.

Employee Financial Wellbeing

Investing in employee financial wellbeing is not only an impactful benefit for them as individuals, but is also evidenced to yield both financial and human capital benefits for your organisation, with employers typically seeing a return of $3 for every $1 spent on financial wellness programs. We take care of financial wellbeing for organisations who understand the importance of their people.

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Member Financial Wellbeing

Whether you’re an iwi, hapu, community group, or other member collective invested in supporting the wellbeing of your members, financial wellbeing will inevitably play a role for them individually, and your collective. Investing in financial education is more than just money, it supports members to ultimately attain self determination over a critical aspect of their lives.

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Online and self-paced

Banqer Beyond is a fit for purpose, comprehensive financial education experience. Once registered, you’ll have access to our online platform and learn through the likes of videos, quizzes, and simulation. As an online offering, we’re able to show learners their progress to support them to set a pace that works with your lifestyle.

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Simulative learning

We leverage simulative technology to allow your learners to get hands on with their finances in a sandbox environment. The ability to practise money decisions not only helps knowledge and comprehension, but also supports development of financial behaviours.

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Internationally recognised leader
in financial education