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Kel Lysaght

Kel Lysaght

Marketing Coordinator

Banqer Privacy and Security

Cyber security and the protection of data is so important - especially when it comes to our children.

Ensuring Safe and Secure Digital Learning for Students

Cyber privacy and security has become a crucial aspect of our daily lives. With the increasing use of digital tools in education, due diligence is important to ensure that the applications we use in the classroom are safe and secure for our students.

In this post, we discuss Safer Technologies 4 Schools (“ST4S”) and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Banqer privacy and security. While you should refer to our privacy policy for a comprehensive understanding of our approach, we also highlight some key points below to emphasise our commitment to ensuring the privacy and security of you and your students, and their data.

You may have seen some of these already, but we feel it is important to make clear our commitment to keeping you, your students, and everyone’s data, private and secure.

Data collection

What is collected and why? We collect some personal information, such as names, genders, year levels, teacher email addresses, parent email addresses and student email addresses (Banqer High only) to be able to perform business activities and functions, and to help us deliver the highest quality customer experience.

Parent email addresses? What is that about? Parents may be invited to receive updates about their child’s Banqer account so they can track their progress. To access this feature, Banqer collects parent/caregiver full names and email addresses. In Banqer Primary, only teachers can send these invites. In Banqer High, both teachers and students have the ability to send invites.

Why do you need to know gender? We ask this question to better understand the demographic in New Zealand and Australia using Banqer, however providing this information is completely optional, and if you choose not to answer, this will not impact your Banqer experience in any way.

Does Banqer sell my personal information? In short, no.

We may only disclose personal information to external parties for the purpose of operating our platform and business, with third parties whom we have a commercial relationship with (for internal business audits only, and which would be anonymised) or where we’re otherwise required to by law.

Please refer to the disclosure of personal information section in our privacy policy to learn more.

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Data storage

Where is my personal data stored? All data collected by Banqer is hosted under industry best-practice conditions by AWS in Sydney, Australia. All data collected is held confidently and securely, in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy

Can I have my data removed from your system? Absolutely! Send us an email and request your data or a child’s/student’s data be removed from our systems. We’ll do a quick check to ensure we’re talking to the right person and then we’ll get right on removing that data. graphic depicting data storage icons

Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S)

What is ST4S? The ST4S service is a national standardised approach to evaluating digital products and services used by schools across Australia. It is supported by the state and territory governments and the Catholic and independent school sectors. Learn more at:

How does ST4S benefit schools? ST4S equips educators with the information to make informed decisions about the privacy and safety of the products and services used in their schools.

Is Banqer assessed by Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S)? Banqer has successfully qualified to be part of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) Product Badge Program in 2022.

Where does this apply? The assessment applies to all Banqer products and services in New Zealand and Australia.

Where can I see Banqer’s ST4S assessment? You can verify our ST4S badge on the ST4S website, and our assessment report can be accessed by contacting whichever organisation is relevant to you of the following: the Department of Education in your State/Territory, the New Zealand Ministry of Education, your Catholic Dioceses or the Australian Independent Schools association.

I have more questions

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to flick us an email, and we’d be more than happy to help: For further reading, check out these useful links:

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