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Kel Lysaght

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Discover how to use Achievements in your classroom

Educators may already be familiar with the many gamified aspects of Banqer. Gamification takes the learning process and applies gaming elements to engage and motivate students. But did you know that Banqer Achievements is one of our best tools to get students excited about financial education? Group of students using Banqer Primary in class with a teacher

What are Banqer Primary Achievements?

Banqer Primary Achievements are virtual badges awarded to celebrate student progression and skill mastery in Banqer.

Introducing Achievements early in your Banqer journey is a great way to encourage your students to dive deeper, stay eager to achieve and show parents what they are learning about real-world financial literacy.

Students can earn Achievements in many ways. Some are awarded just by using the platform, others are earned for patience or displaying desirable behaviours, and a select number are awarded to students that are the first to reach certain milestones.

Below is a rundown of a few types of Achievements, with the full list accessible to Banqer Teachers via the Resource Hub (you'll need to be logged in).

First in class Achievements

First-time Achievements are great for driving engagement as your class starts out with Banqer. Each are only awarded once to the first student to reach goals, such as:

  • The first student to buy a vehicle (bike, scooter, car)
  • The first to open a term deposit
  • The first to open a KiwiSaver or Superannuation fund
  • The first to purchase a property

Note that even after these Achievements have all been claimed, you can continue to encourage your class to aim for the top of the class leaderboards, as there are still Achievements for the highest savings and net worth that can be awarded multiple times! Banqer Primary first in class Achievements

Authentic Learning with Banqer Primary

These Achievements are earned as students are exposed to real-world experiences and hit key milestones in their Banqer journey:

  • Creating a CV
  • Be employed in your first job
  • Setting up and maintaining expense payments
  • Purchasing a property
  • Using vehicle or property insurance to cover the costs of an incident

Further information on learning outcomes, curriculum alignment and lesson plans for Banqer Primary can be found in the Resource Hub (must be logged in to Banqer Primary). Banqer Primary career and insurance Achievements

Rewarding desirable student behaviours

A few Achievements are earned by students exploring Banqer to the fullest extent and demonstrating positive behaviours that will serve them well in the future:

  • Making at least one donation to charity
  • Paying off debt / mortgage
  • Make consistent transfers into a savings account
  • Achieving a credit score of 700 or more over time
  • Voluntary contribution to their KiwiSaver or Superannuation

Banqer Primary charity and savings achievements

Organic Achievements in Banqer Primary

Earned by simply using the platform, these Achievements typically simulate real-world scenarios or are awarded for diligence:

  • Pay your taxes
  • Earn interest through your savings account
  • Have three different jobs (either all at once or at different times)
  • Patiently waiting for a term deposit to mature
  • Answer at least ten quiz questions

Banqer Primary savings interest and quiz Achievements

Ready to take student engagement to the next level?

This list only scratches the surface of Banqer Primary Achievements and what they can do for your class.

If you’re interested in seeing how Banqer Primary can easily fit into your plans for the year, and support your students with authentic learning outcomes, let us know! Our team would be happy to take you through a short demo. Or if you are already a Banqer Teacher, our team can support you with a PD session.

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