Top 5 Banqer Primary resources for classroom success

Kel Lysaght

Kel Lysaght

Marketing Coordinator

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Shaping young minds is a big job, and every tool helps. Especially when it comes to financial literacy, a topic that can shape students' future decisions, it can be difficult to find resources that are both practical AND engaging. 

Within the Teacher Resource Hub, there is a huge banq of resources designed to make money matters engaging and understandable. Here’s our pick of the top five Banqer Primary classroom resources. They could be just what your classroom needs!

#1: Making wise spending choices

This resource helps students understand the importance of thoughtful spending decisions. It's a fantastic way to teach them about financial responsibility, both for immediate needs and long-term benefits.

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#2: CV template for jobs

Our CV template serves a dual purpose - it's an excellent tool for teaching essential career skills, but also acts as a subtle writing exercise. Students can pen down their interests, skills, and personal statements, giving them a taste of what it's like to apply for jobs in the real world.

Download [AU Version] Download [NZ Version]

#3: Banqer Bingo

Who said learning can't be fun? 'Banqer Bingo' is a unique activity that extends the money conversation beyond the classroom. It can be used as a homework task or a remote learning exercise, helping to keep students actively engaged in discussions about money management.

Download [AU Version] Download [NZ Version]

#4: Everyday expenses activity

Understanding the cost of everyday items is a basic aspect of financial literacy. The 'Everyday Expenses Activity' gets students thinking about the relative costs of ordinary items. It's a quick and effective way to start conversations about budgeting and conscious spending, fostering good financial habits early on.

Download [AU Version] Download [NZ Version]

#5: Compound interest worksheet

The concept of compound interest can be challenging for young learners, but it's crucial for understanding how savings grow over time. The Compound Interest Worksheet simplifies this complex concept, showing students how patience and smart saving can lead to financial growth.

Download [AU Version] Download [NZ Version]

And there you have it! We hope these resources will help you deliver rich and engaging lessons with ease. Be sure to check out the Teacher Resource Hub for these resources and many more!

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