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Financial capability is a critical life skill to set our students up for lifelong success.

With Banqer, educators can easily and quickly deliver curriculum aligned, deeply engaging financial education that creates student impact.

Create lifelong impact

Research shows that strong financial capability is the foundational building block of financial wellbeing throughout a person's life.

By using Banqer in your classroom, you can shape your students' futures while delivering curriculum requirements.

Four kids smiling at the camera while colouring in, tray of coloured pencils in front

My students are now inspired to start their own businesses, sell products or streaming content for money.

Lindsay Hall, STEM Specialist, Dale Christian School, Perth

Engage every student

Capturing your students' attention is a critical step to effective learning.

Banqer's experiential approach sparks deep curiosity, enabling you to equip your students with lessons for the real world.

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Banqer covers so much content that it engages all the kids no matter their interests.

Luke Kleinig, Year 5/6 Teacher, Dookie Primary School, Dookie

Make teaching easy

Educators consistently face enormous time and resource pressures.

Banqer's teaching resources do the heavy lifting for you while ensuring curriculum alignment, leaving more time for what matters most.

Three kids and an adult sitting around a desk looking at a laptop, Banqer stickers on the back of the laptop

I found the setup simple and was easily able to begin simulating authentic experiences for my students.

Bob Beekhof, Year 5/6 Teacher, Port Fairy Consolidated School, Melbourne

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Tailored for primary schools, Banqer Primary focuses on foundational skills exploring income and expenses, banking, superannuation, tax, transport and property

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