Farewell to Alex Miller

Isaac Freeman

Isaac Freeman

Lead Developer

Alex was at Banqer since he arrived as a summer intern in 2016, when Banqer was a very modest team of three working from a co-working space. He hit the ground running from day one, and he's made an immense contribution ever since, turning coffee into code at a prodigious rate.

For Banqer Primary he delivered the Credit Reporting module, the Parent Portal, the Term Deposits module, and Motor Vehicles and Motor Insurance modules (to name a few). He was the first to put his hand up to attend a module launch party at a local primary school and personally press the deploy button in real-time (and also for the cake). But his greatest contribution has been bringing Banqer High into existence, delivering incredible work in a fast-paced and often demanding environment. Through these changes he oversaw the scaling of Banqer Primary and Banqer High throughout Australasia, from tens of thousands of students when he started, to hundreds of thousands as he leaves. 

My own time at Banqer has only overlapped a little with Alex's, but I'll be working with the code he shaped for years to come, and no matter what part of Banqer's code I'm looking at, it'll feel like an ongoing dialogue with Alex.

Alex's enthusiasm, positivity and sense of humour shine through in all his work. He's super supportive to team members across the company, always available to answer questions and solve problems, and great at pointing out the specific qualities and contributions of other team members that make projects happen. He sets a very high bar for entertaining product retrospective meetings.

But deeper than day-to-day work, Alex is genuinely interested in everyone he works with and cares about our lives and backgrounds. We'll miss the great conversations at lunchtime and over coffee.

Alex has moved to Wellington to be closer to his family, and will be looking for another position soon. He's a great developer and colleague, and we're looking forward to hearing what he takes on next.

In the meantime, check out his LinkedIn profile or get in touch with him at alex@miller.nz.

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