Online Financial Education Lessons from Banqer

Simon Brown

Simon Brown


Online Financial Education Lessons from Banqer

To make sure financial education is still available for kids in these disruptive times, we’ve developed Banqer TV. This free video course is easy for students to work through at home and is led by experienced in-house Banqer teachers, Jess & Gemma.

We have 6 lessons from May 4 - 15th, with streams tailored separately for years 5-6 and years 7-8.

How it works:

Students and teachers can sign up for lessons by following the links below and registering for a time that suits them. They will be e-mailed a link to click on at the time they’ve chosen. Video lessons run for 30 minutes and an activity is also provided for them to complete after the lesson, taking a further 30 minutes. Each lesson day, videos are held hourly from 9.30am - 2.30pm, so there are plenty of time options to choose from! During the lessons students will need a pen and paper, and a calculator at hand. For lessons that have already aired, students can watch a replay anytime they want.

Students in Year 5 or 6 can sign up here:

Students in Year 7 or 8 can sign up here:

It’s really important that students have registered for the event ahead of time, otherwise they won't be able to enter the lesson. If your students have difficulty receiving external emails from their school email address we advise that a parents email address is used as webinar links, and activity sheets will be sent via email.

These lessons do not rely on access to a Banqer account so if you have colleagues who don’t use Banqer but might find this valuable please share it, or if you’re a parent at home who thinks these lessons may be of value to their child, feel free to encourage them to sign-up. Better yet, encourage their teacher to have their whole class sign-up!

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