Planning made easy - teaching Banqer lessons

Kel Lysaght

Kel Lysaght

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Planning made easy - teaching Banqer lessons


Engaging lesson content made for teachers, by teachers

As an educator, it can be challenging to plan and deliver interactive lesson content that effectively engages and educates your students. That challenge can be even trickier when it comes to teaching financial education. This is where Banqer comes in! We’ve created a wide range of resources designed to help you teach lessons that are effective, engaging and relevant to your classroom context.

In a previous post, we talked about planning out Banqer Primary using our lesson plans. If you’re just getting started with Banqer Primary, you should start there! In this post, we want to highlight the additional resources available within the Teacher Resource Hub to help streamline and supplement the delivery of your Banqer lessons. ____


Each of the modules within Banqer Primary has an accompanying slideshow presentation based on the corresponding lesson plan, meaning you can present each lesson almost immediately after a new module is activated. Easy as! ____ Example of a Banqer Primary slideshow To ensure your students get the most out of these slideshows, we would suggest covering the content as a class, rather than assigning them as an independent task - especially once you start exploring more complex financial concepts together.

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Worksheets & activities

If slideshows don’t fit into your classroom structure, or if you want a more concrete method of recording students' answers, activities from the presentations are also available as worksheets. These are bite-sized activities designed to get your students thinking and encourage conversations around various aspects of finance and smart decision-making.

Examples of the worksheets available in Banqer

Parental involvement is shown to further support student success outcomes, so we’ve also created homework sheets that your students can take home to complete and discuss with their families.  Did you know parents and caregivers can register for updates to stay informed on their child’s Banqer progress? You can invite parents to opt-in to receive email updates from your teacher dashboard, or you can generate invites with a unique code that can be printed and sent home.

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Extra resources

The Teacher Resource Hub includes a Banq of extra resources that don’t necessarily relate to the main module content, allowing you to build on additional financial concepts and explore real-world topics with a financial application. Here you’ll find supplementary lesson plans, terminology worksheets, numeracy games and all the things you need to create a rich, immersive classroom economy.

We recommend taking the time to look at the “getting started” and “wrapping up” resources to support your teaching from the first time your students log in to Banqer, through to the end of the year. Under Extra Resources > Other you’ll find resources not related to lesson planning, but still useful nonetheless. 

Have you created an amazing resource that we don’t have? Do you have a great story about how you use Banqer or our resources in your classroom? Share it with your fellow educators on the Banqer Primary Community page!  ____ Check out the Banqer Primary Community

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