Getting started with
Banqer High

Beginning your first lesson with Banqer is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, register for Banqer High, then invite your students and plan your lessons.

We’ve made this super easy with our resources and info below.

Register for Banqer High

You can explore how Banqer High can support your school’s learning objectives with a free trial.

Our team will work with you to demonstrate the best of Banqer High and create a tailored quote for your school’s needs.

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Invite your students

Once you have registered, inviting your students takes just a few minutes. Share the ‘Invite Students’ link from the teacher dashboard with your class.

Once the students have registered using their school email, they will be ready for their first lesson.

A group of boys pointing to the screen

With Banqer High the resources are great. It's centralised. It's bullet pointed. It's succinct. It really takes the pressure off me with the prep.

Matt Benassi, Commerce Teacher, Cashmere High

Plan your lessons

We’ve made it super easy to map out your Banqer lessons with our Unit Plan document.

Banqer High has been intuitively designed so students will be comfortable using the platform from their first lesson, and you can continue supporting them with our prepared lesson plans.

A group of boys pointing to the screen

Still have questions on how Banqer High works?

A few common questions that schools have when deciding how to get started with Banqer. To see all of these head over to our FAQs page.

What technology does my school need to use Banqer? We are an online platform, so your school will need internet access, student email addresses and devices to use Banqer. Plus, we are mobile-friendly, so you and your students can log in from any device, anywhere.
I haven’t received my Banqer High confirmation email, what can I do? First off, please check your spam folder. Sometimes these emails take a few minutes to get through the school's servers. If you haven’t received your confirmation email within 10 minutes please contact us at and we’ll be able to help you.
How much does Banqer High cost? Prices vary for Banqer High depending on the number of licences a school wants. To find out more, head to our Banqer High pricing page.