Banqer High

A digital financial education platform for the 21st century, Banqer covers a range of crucial life skills.

Make learning fun with videos, quizzes and simulated events that build knowledge through experiential learning. No prior educator or student financial literacy required.

What your students
will learn

With our online simulation and supporting teaching resources and activities, your students will explore a range of essential financial concepts from debt to investments, budgeting to careers, and more.


Students open and manage their own bank accounts, learn about withdrawals and deposits, transferring money, fees, and how interest rates work over time.

Credit and Debit

Students choose between various cards with different interest rates, fees, limits and rewards. They also learn about cash advances and associated costs.


Students build a basic CV and apply for a job through the careers market. They check in to ‘work’ each school day to progress their career through gaining industry-specific knowledge.


After beginning their careers, students engage with KiwiSaver, learning about contributions, providers, funds, and performance, and then choose a product that suits them.


Students can apply for a rental property, learn about tenancy agreements, their rights and responsibilities, and ensure weekly rent and expenses are paid on time.


As the simulation progresses, students can purchase property with the deposit they have saved, buying the home they rent or even becoming landlords of their peers.


Students prepare a basic budget based on their income and expenses. They’ll be rewarded for carefully managing their money and aiming for a weekly surplus.

Personal Risk Insurance

Students can insure themselves against the random life events the platform will throw at them, choosing between insurance providers and policies for medical and income cover.

General Insurance

Students can manage more risk with general insurance, choosing between providers and policies to cover their contents, paying regular premiums and learning about claims.

Stock Exchange

Students can invest in companies on the fictitious Banqer High Stock Exchange (BHX) based on the company overview, industry, and performance history provided.

Make learning fun

Capturing your students’ attention is easy with Banqer High. We simulate real life events, like stock market shifts, natural events and job promotions to keep students coming back.

A teacher and student using an iPad, the teacher is pointing to the screen

Our animated videos make financial concepts accessible to different learning styles. Students can demonstrate their knowledge with our quizzes, earning gems for use in the class store.

Students can see how their Banqer journey stacks up against their classmates, with leaderboards for different areas of the platform, from savings to investments.

A teacher and student using an iPad, the teacher is pointing to the screen

Motivate and incentivise
your students

Banqer comes with an inbuilt incentive system for optional use in your learning environment.

Educators can motivate students and support learning with Banqer Gems. Students can then exchange these for preset items or rewards you set in the Banqer store.

Students also get really motivated seeing their Banqer High net worth grow over time.

Still have questions on how Banqer High works?

A few common questions that schools have when deciding how to get started with Banqer. To see all of these head over to our FAQs page.

What Year Levels is Banqer High aimed at? Banqer High is used from Years 9-13, but is most often used in Years 9-10.
What subjects does Banqer align with? Banqer aligns with various subject areas, and we’ve provided a bunch of resources to help you with this. Head over to our curriculum page to learn more.
How much does Banqer High cost? Prices vary for Banqer High depending on the number of licences a school wants. To find out more, head to our Banqer High pricing page.