Engagement, class jobs and real-life parallels with Jan Wells

Jan Wells

Jan Wells

Teacher, St James School, Christchurch

Traditionally, senior students at St James have taken on various jobs around the school, such as emptying rubbish bins, distributing milk and fruit, and picking up sports equipment. These tasks have always been seen as a rite of passage.

Banqer has been able to add real authenticity to this existing system, and furthered student learning in the classroom.

Fostering aspiration through class jobs

Just like in the real world, there are workers and coordinators with different pay scales. Students are encouraged to aspire to become coordinators, who earn a higher pay rate. This setup not only promotes hard work but also instills a sense of ambition in the students.

two students on their laptops using banqer

Boosting engagement through responsibility

If our students like something, they run with it completely. They’ll really buy into the whole set-up. They have done this with Banqer because it’s so user friendly for them. The interactive and user-friendly nature of the platform allows students to check their balances, upcoming payments, and even see who’s leading in the class. The result? A significant boost in the quality of work produced. Students are now taking it upon themselves to ensure their work is of the highest possible standard before submission, understanding that better work leads to higher rewards.

Once students understood that they were rewarded for what they did they bought into Banqer one hundred-percent.

Influencing conversations beyond the school gate

Perhaps one of the most notable impacts of Banqer is the conversations it's sparking outside the classroom. Students are going home and discussing money matters with their parents - from saving birthday money to understanding the value of items in the supermarket. They're gaining an appreciation for what their parents spend on them and developing a broader awareness of financial management.

During a class discussion one student exclaimed:

I feel so sorry for my parents. There are so many of us and we must cost a lot of money.

The next day she came back to school and said “I think my mum does a really good job with our money. I think I’m going to make her a cup of coffee when I get home just to say thanks.”

Integrating authentic life lessons into the Classroom

Students are becoming aware of what’s involved with money. A lot previously didn’t know what money looked like. They thought you just put that plastic in and got stuff. Now they’re learning that everything in life has a cost to it and it’s a matter of prioritising.

Banqer has easily integrated into our classroom. It sits alongside our current classroom systems and adds an additional layer of authentic life lessons, all the while further inspiring and motivating students!

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