Partners Life and Banqer

Life is risky, regardless of your age.

Although we can’t get rid of risks altogether, we can work to understand and manage them. Along with Partners Life, we believe it all starts with education. That’s why, together, we’re empowering young Kiwi to learn about Personal Risk Insurance in Banqer High.

Financial Education for High Schools

Banqer High builds financial confidence in young adults by providing them with real world financial education. Through our simulative technology students get to experience and understand the likes of online banking, flatting, investing, being employed, and much more.

As early adopters of Banqer High, Mercury Bay Area School are working to ensure that their students are prepared for the financial world ahead.

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Introducing the Personal Risk Insurance expansion

With the introduction of the Personal Risk Insurance expansion, students are able to comprehend the risks we face in life, in relation to health and loss of income, and proactively develop a plan to manage this in whatever way works for their life aspirations. This is a valuable life skill that students will be able to apply in the real world, when the time calls for it.

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Banqer puts the students in real life situations. They are their own person, making their own decisions, and dealing with all the ramifications.

Kaye McKean,
Albany Junior High School (AJHS)
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