Success Stories

Get inspired by stories of Banqer in action in classrooms across New Zealand.

Banqer High’s curriculum alignment is a winner for Waitākere College

Recognizing the vital role of financial literacy, Matt Cicchini and his team at Waitākere College are committed to delivering quality financial education to their students.

female student and female teacher in a classroom using banqer on a laptop

Student-directed financial literacy education at Otago Boys

Gwyn Pratley, Teacher-in-Charge of Economics and Business Studies, and Tim Hyslop, teacher of Accounting, Economic and Social Studies, both at Otago Boys’ High School, reflect on how Banqer High has supported their department’s focus on student-centred learning.

male students on their laptops using banqer

Nayland College boosts financial literacy program with Banqer High

Nayland College, a co-educational school in Nelson New Zealand, has been ahead of the game in financial literacy for over ten years, ensuring that students leave school with an understanding of banking, budgeting, taxation, credit, lending and insurance. Banqer High is now their platform of choice for simulating real-life financial decision-making. Head of Department Rob Ikink and teacher Rachael Purdie share how Banqer High added to their successful financial literacy programme.

nayland college students using banqer on their laptops

Banqer High provides Year 10's with crucial life lessons

Whanganui High School’s new financial literacy course teaches students crucial life lessons while delivering high engagement.

whanganui high school front entrance

Financial literacy the backbone of Life Skills Course

Financial literacy has been viewed as a key skill at Hillmorton High School for several years. With the help of Banqer, it has finally found its niche – in a Year 11 Life Skills course.

hillmorton high school students

Mountainview High: Embedding Financial Literacy into Year 10 Maths

Banqer High supports all learners across a diverse student population.

teacher in mountainview high school classroom addressing students