The people behind Banqer

Founded in 2015, Banqer is a social enterprise committed to raising societal financial capability levels through relatable and engaging education. Our team is made up of passionate people dedicated to making a difference in our backyards and further afield.

Between us we have a wealth of direct experience in education, finance, technology, and design. We're linking up with pioneering teachers to make Banqer the best it can be.

Banqer was founded by a teacher, an ex-accountant, a developer, and a designer. Although that sounds like the start of a joke, we believe it’s the perfect combination of skills to found a financial education company.

That was 2015, and since then the team has grown to support over 100,000 students across New Zealand and Australia. We’ve had some wins and learnt at least a lesson or two, while holding our purpose at the core of what we do; preparing kids and young adults for their financial future.

The problem we’re trying to tackle is large and complex. We’re never going to eradicate financial illiteracy and embed financial capability on our own so we’ve embarked on our journey with an open mind and the aspirations to work with others. So far, we’ve worked with some pretty cool people and organisations, as we’re going to need to fight this one together.

If you’re interested in knowing more about us, or see potential for us to work together, get in touch. We always enjoy hearing from others passionate about financial education.