Financial Education
 that inspires students to be curious, creative,
and confident with money

for Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary Schools
used by over 180,000 students in Australasia

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Banqer is a financial education platform that provides a hands on environment for you
and your students to engage with financial concepts in a safe and fun way


For Primary and Intermediate

Banqer Primary

Motivate and engage your students with class jobs, and introduce them to concepts such as income, tax, KiwiSaver, expenses, and much more all through an safe online simulation.

Banqer Primary is perfect for students from years 2 to 8 and grows with your class as you use it.


For Secondary

Banqer Primary

Build financial confidence in your students and introduce them to a simulated environment where they manage a budget, explore career paths, rent a house with friends, dabble with investing, and more!

Banqer High is suitable for all year levels in a secondary school environment, or middle schools from year 7.

Internationally recognised, top of the game

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See how educators are delivering student outcomes with Banqer

Read exactly how Banqer educators are using Banqer Primary and Banqer High in classrooms throughout Australia and New Zealand.

translation missing: en-NZ.Whanganui High School
Banqer High

Banqer High provides Year 10’s with crucial life lessons

Whanganui High School’s new financial literacy course teaches students crucial life lessons while delivering high engagement.

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translation missing: en-NZ.Westlake Boys High School
Banqer High

500 Year 10 students learn the consequences of financial decision-making

Westlake Boys High School is using Banqer High to expose students to real life financial scenarios and the consequences of their decision-making. Engagement has rocketed as Banqer High has superseded paper-based teaching methods.

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Banqer Primary

Engagement, class jobs and real-life parallels with Jan Wells

It’s always been a rite of passage at St James that students in the senior room do their bit around the school. Jan talks us through a few ways Banqer compliments what they do day to day.

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What teachers are saying


"As a teacher I can create real life experiences to motivate students whilst at the same time building financial literacy understanding and knowledge of careers that will benefit my students in the future."

Churton Park School
Jolene Butson, Year 6 & 7 teacher

"I've been absolutely blown away by the enthusiasm of our students as they use Banqer. It's great!"

Apiti School
Nicki Fielder, Year 3 - 8 teacher